Our vision

Companies that wish to streamline their logistics often have one or more problem areas that have been identified. But even though you invest both time and resources in finding optimal solutions for each individual problem, the result often does not turn out as well as you imagined. These individual measures lack unitary cooperation, so the system becomes unstable and costly. It also lacks the necessary flexibility to adapt as the business grows and new challenges arise. Soon you are back at square one and once again looking for new solutions.

With Schipt, we want to create a platform for companies that want to really streamline their logistics. A platform that goes beyond isolated measures and instead looks at the whole picture. A platform that can grow along with the business. 

Automated complexity

Effective logistics is about more than just speeding up transport and picking processes. It is about continuously removing the weakest links in the chain. Is it simple? No, but that’s where Schipts strength lies – we manage the complexity through automation. The result? A work environment characterized by less stress and happier employees. Returns and complaints are reduced, shipping costs decreases, and green choices benefit the environment. Schipt is not just a platform, it is an extension of the business that gives our customers a reality where the system does the grunt work so they can focus on what really matters.

For all companies, at all stages

Schipt is not limited to size; it is customizable according to our customers’ needs. Small businesses can start with Schipt TA. As the company grows, you can start using modules for production, inventory management, invoice reconciliation and much more. While small businesses pick low-hanging fruit, mid-sized and larger companies can benefit from full-scale streamlining and sustainability. Schipt suits everyone, regardless of scope.


An active sustainability vision

Logistics and sustainability are concepts that do not usually go hand in hand. That is precisely why we are extra proud of our commitment to active sustainable development. Unlike passive sustainability measures (such as reporting reduced CO2 emissions when the carrier has updated its fleet), active sustainable development is about taking the initiative and shaping the result. Minimize the amount of air on the truck through packing and loading optimization, choose environmentally friendly transport and inspire your customers to do the same. Being passive is about following the path of others; with Schipt, we want to give our customers the tools to lead the way.

More than just a platform

Our strength lies not only in our unique platform; we also possess extensive knowledge of logistics in general, which we share with our customers. We support you throughout the journey and help you achieve “that little extra”. That’s when the magic happens; The ROI calculation hits, and you end up way ahead of you competitors.