Schipt Invoice Control

Gain control

over one of the company's biggest expenses

If you check your shipping invoices by random sampling, you are among the majority of companies in the world. In fact, most companies have better invoice reconciliation for their office supplies than for their transports, even though shipping is often one of the company's biggest expense items.

Deviations can arise through misinterpretation when the transport company's administrator has to register the agreement you signed. It may be caused by changes in the general rules and conditions of the transport company that affect your invoice. It is also common with increased rates due to faulty routines at the carrier, or that the freight was incorrectly booked. If these deviations are not noticed, there is a risk that you will repeatedly pay a higher shipping cost than necessary.

Schipt Invoice Control automatically reconciles your freight invoices, not only against the contract but also against the actual shipment. Discrepancies are easily handled via the system, which creates a basis for invoice remarks against the transport company. We also have a proud collaboration with Libello AB, who offers invoice reconciliation as a service at different levels. With their help, you can get all your shipping invoices checked without you having to lift a finger.

  • Cost saving

    By implementing our invoice reconciliation system, our customers have made enormous cost savings. Gain control of one of your biggest expenses too.

  • Improved routines

    By flagging deviations, Schipt Invoice Control helps you identify deficiencies in your own and the carriers' routines. Improved routines around shipping handling not only lead to reduced shipping costs, but also improved quality of your deliveries.

  • Security

    Sampling is good, but how confident are you that you're not paying higher shipping costs than you should? Let Schipt Invoice Control give you that security.

  • Personal support

    We are there for your business. Call or email us and get personal support from knowledgeable staff who quickly deal with your problems, questions and concerns.

This is what you get with Schipt Invoice Control

Let your business grow unhindered. With Schipt Invoice Control you pay a fixed annual cost, regardless of the number of carriers, invoices or users. Enjoy your success, without worrying about increased costs or system limitations.

Schipt Invoice Control reconciles freight invoices against your transport agreements, right down to the detail level. Deviations are flagged and can be handled manually by your staff, according to your internal procedures.

Schipt Invoice Control is a fantastic tool for your finance department. The system flags any deviations and your staff can focus on handling them, instead of spending time on random samples. The various deviations can be handled manually or through the system's complaint handling.

You set the tolerance levels for deviations yourself, according to your internal policies.

With the help of Schipt Invoice Control, you can identify deficiencies in your internal routines for booking freight. Maybe there is missing information in the booking that causes you to suffer penalties, maybe you forgot to add a service, or you chose the wrong product for the shipment. To err is human, but by identifying these recurring flaws, you can improve your internal procedures and lower your shipping costs. 

Schipt Invoice Control also matches the freight invoices against the booked shipment, to check that the invoicing matches what you ordered. Any deviations may be due to the carrier making a mistake, or you yourself making a mistake during the booking. Regardless, it is important to identify these errors to avoid additional costs in the future.

Reconciliation against shipments requires that there is an integration with a TA system. We of course recommend Schipt TA, since both systems run on the same platform and are therefore naturally integrated. But it is also possible to integrate with other TA systems if you wish.

Schipt Invoice Control tells you clearly what is wrong and creates a claim document with a credit request that can be emailed to the carrier directly from the system.

Schipt comes with a powerful integration engine that simplifies the connection to your other systems. We support most of our competitors' integration files, which means that you can reuse your current integration.

Cost-effective and flexible!

When you start using Schipt Invoice Control, you notify your carriers that you wish to have the invoice details sent to you according to the template that comes with the system. The import is done with a few button presses and then the system takes care of the rest.

Freight contracts are often complicated and contain a variety of surcharges with different terms. This is one of the biggest reasons why shipping invoices are so difficult to reconcile. Schipt Invoice Control matches the mark-ups from the invoice against your agreements and ensures that these are applied correctly.

Schipt Invoice Control does not only create claims documentation with the credit request. The system also checks that crediting is actually carried out and makes it easy for your staff to react if crediting does not occur.

Schipt is installed locally on a server in your internal network. This is what enables the great flexibility of Schipt. Your Schipt installation will be completely unique and can be adapted to your business, regardless of other Schipt customers.

Contact us for questions about the technical requirements for Schipt.

After Schipt is installed, users can access the system directly through the browser, provided they are connected to your internal network. We recommend Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for best performance, but you can also run Schipt in other browsers.

Add ons

Via an integration with your business system, Schipt TA receives information about the order, prints shipping documents and makes a transport booking. Schipt Invoice Control then matches the shipping invoice against the actual shipment to identify any discrepancies.

Schipt Invoice Control and Schipt TA both run on the same platform and are therefor naturally integrated. But the license for Schipt TA is purchased separately.

Schipt Invoice Control can, via an integration with your accounting system, automatically create a basis for reading the invoice against the supplier ledger, incl. posting proposal. Quick and easy!

We have a proud collaboration with Libello AB who offers invoice reconciliation as a service at different levels. With their help, you can get all your shipping invoices checked without you having to lift a finger.

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