Box Calculation

Stop transporting air

and lower your shipping costs

Schipt's Box calculation can be compared to the classic computer game Tetris. The system calculates the most efficient way to pack each order to minimize the amount of air in the packaging. It also calculates how the goods should be loaded onto the truck in order to use every square meter as efficiently as possible, for every available carrier and vehicle type. By using Box calculation in your business, you can reduce your shipping costs by up to 30%.

EU's environmental target is 70% reduced emissions from domestic transport by 2030. Smarter packaged goods mean that more goods can fit on each truck, which in turn contributes to fewer trucks on the roads. Optimized packing and loading is not only good for the wallet, but also for the environment!

  • Decreased emissions

    More goods on each truck, contributes to fewer trucks on the road. With increased requirements from the EU on emission reduction, packing- and loading optimization can help your company take the step towards sustainable transports.

  • Reduced costs

    Lower your shipping costs by using every cubic meter as efficiently as possible. With packing- and loading optimization you can reduce your shipping costs by up to 30%.

  • Integrations

    Schipt comes with a powerful integration engine that simplifies the connection to your other systems. We support most of our competitors' integration files, which means that you can reuse your current integration. Cost-effective and flexible!

  • Personal support

    We are there for your business. Call or email us and get personal support from knowledgeable staff who quickly deal with your problems, questions and concerns.

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