More than “just” logistics solutions

Cube Corner has much more to offer than “just” logistics solutions. We also offer services in several different areas.

System development

Over the years, we at Cube Corner have created hundreds of customized solutions in a variety of areas. We have developed everything from trade portals and quotation systems to product configurations and printing modules. We have also developed a solution for generating i6z files for ECHA’s SCIP database.

Are you in need of a solution but can´t find anything suitable on the market? Feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a quote for a solution that is built entirely according to your wishes.


Cube Corners business is not really rooted in logistics, but in system integrations. Connecting different systems is our hallmark. We have built thousands of integration solutions over the years and managed to connect most things, with most things. If we don’t already have a ready integration for the systems you want to connect, we can often reuse parts of other existing integration solutions and thus save both time and money.

Business development

We have a close collaboration with our customers. Not only in relation to the solution we delivered, but we always strive to add as much value to the customer’s business as possible. Business development is a natural part of hiring us, regardless of the assignment. It can be about effective IT solutions, but also about sharing our experiences and coming up with suggestions for processes, working methods or the like. It is also possible to hire us for pure business development. We will then help you review your operations and come up with a proposal for streamlining opportunities.

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