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Most companies can identify with one of the following two statements. Either you spend a lot of time annually renegotiating your shipping contracts, administering them and manually calculating shipping costs. Or you spend almost no time at all but let old shipping agreements run and choose the delivery method for your goods out of sheer habit. Regardless of which statement fits your business, Schipt Contract is something for you.

Schipt Contract digitizes your shipping contracts for easy administration. The freight contracts are registered manually or imported from Excel. The system then calculates the shipping cost incl. additions and surcharges, and reports this back to the business system. If you pay for the freight, you can use the system to choose the most affordable carrier for each unique shipment. If it is your customers who pays, Schipt Contract helps you give the right price to the customer.

  • Calculate freight costs

    Schipt Contract uses your contracts to calculate the shipping price, which can be useful for several reasons. As a basis for choosing transport, for invoicing your customers, and for reconciling shipping invoices. A system with many different areas of use. Smart and affordable!

  • Customizable

    We believe that the system should be shaped around the business, and not the other way around. Thanks to our development platform, we can offer our customers highly adaptive systems at competitive prices. Let our knowledgeable consultants set up the system completely according to your needs, or make changes yourself with our developer license.

  • Integrations

    Schipt comes with a powerful integration engine that simplifies the connection to your other systems. We support most of our competitors' integration files, which means that you can reuse your current integration. Cost-effective and flexible!

  • Personal support

    We are there for your business. Call or email us and get personal support from knowledgeable staff who quickly deal with your problems, questions and concerns.

This is what you get with Schipt Contract

Let your business grow unhindered. With Schipt Contract, you pay a fixed annual cost, regardless of the number of contracts, price requests or users. Enjoy your success, without worrying about increased costs or system limitations.

Schipt Contract significantly simplifies the maintenance of your freight contracts, by collecting all contracts in one place and enabling digital administration. If the carrier adjusts its costs, you can easily apply a percentage increase to the entire contract or to specific intervals. 

Schipt Contract uses Google Maps to automatically calculate the distance between the sender and receiver address.

With Schipt Contract, you can set up your own rounding rules for weight and price. All to ensure that the system fits your business and your agreements as well as possible.

Schipt comes with a powerful integration engine that simplifies the connection to your other systems. We support most of our competitors' integration files, which means that you can reuse your current integration.

Cost-effective and flexible!

Schipt Contract includes 10 administrative users who can register and administer transport contracts.  

Schipt Contract supports a number of different contract types such as kilometer, postcode, zone and country. It also handles combination contracts with a mix of variable and fixed prices.

Schipt Contract has support for breakpoint calculation, which means that the system keeps track of whether the shipping cost becomes cheaper if you e.g. books the shipment as a lot, even if it is within the weight limit for a piece.

With Schipt Contract, you can calculate the shipping price, even before you book the shipping. The price calculation can i.a. be used as a basis for choosing delivery method. The shipping price is reported back to the business system, with a surcharge if desired, so that you can invoice your customer for the delivery.

For automatic selection of delivery method with 'best price' calculation, see Schipt OPZ.

Schipt is installed locally on a server in your internal network. This is what enables the great flexibility of Schipt. Your Schipt installation will be completely unique and can be adapted to your business, regardless of other Schipt customers.

Contact us for questions about the technical requirements for Schipt.

After Schipt is installed, users can access the system directly through the browser, provided they are connected to your internal network. We recommend Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for best performance, but you can also run Schipt in other browsers.

Shipping contracts can be registered manually or imported via Excel. Most carriers can provide the agreements in Excel format, which makes it incredibly easy to register new agreements. It is just as easy to export the data from Schipt Contract, in the format you want.

When a new agreement is registered, you can use the system's built-in functionality to test the agreement and ensure that it is set up correctly, before it is used for transport selection and price calculation.

Freight contracts are often complicated and contain a variety of surcharges with different terms. With Schipt Contract, you easily register all surcharges when you register the agreement and the system then applies the surcharges automatically when the conditions are met.

Do you have shipments that are sent with e.g. truck, boat and then truck again? No problem! Schipt Contract supports chain calculation and calculates the total shipping price from door to door. 

Schipt Contract is delivered with an external interface and an API for calculating shipping costs, which can be connected to a website, a business system or similar.

Add ons

Schipt Contract and Schipt TA are the perfect match. Through an integration with your business system, Schipt TA receives information about the order, prints shipping documents and makes a transport booking. In the meantime, Schipt Contract calculates the shipping cost and reports back to the business system. A powerful combination that gives you all the information you could possibly need about your freight.

Do you, like most other companies, have better invoice reconciliation for your office supplies than your transports? With Schipt Invoice Control you finally gain control over one of the company's largest expense items. The system performs automatic reconciliation, not only against the carrier contract, but also against the actual shipment, to identify deviations. Discrepancies are easily handled via the system, which creates a claim invoice remarks against the transport company.

We also have a proud collaboration with Libello AB, who offers invoice controls as a service at different levels. With their help, you can get all your shipping invoices checked without you having to lift a finger.

With Schipt OPZ you allow the system to determine the best delivery method for you. The system analyzes the shipment and selects the carrier and mode of transport to make the shipment as cheap as possible.

By automating this process, you lower both your administrative and shipping costs. Out of all the systems in the Schipt portfolio, Schipt SDO has the absolute shortest return on investment.

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