About us

About us

From consultants to our own system suite

It was a belief that IT systems should fit the business and not the other way around, which led Ronnie Utas and Jonny Axelsson to found Cube Corner AB in 2006.

This belief proved very successful, and over the years at Cube Corner we have created hundreds of customized solutions in a variety of areas, such as trading portals, sales systems, product configurators, 3D visualization and much more. 

How Schipt was born - The logistic suite developed by Cube Corner

Over the years, we noticed a recurring need for flexible, efficient and affordable logistics systems. In 2016, we therefore decided to package and sell our own logistics solutions, while continuing to develop customized solutions. Schipt is not "just" a WMS or a TA system, but it was developed into a complete logistics platform. Our customers can simply choose which modules suit their business needs and then add more modules as the business grows and needs change.

But Cube Corner is more than just system developers. We put our customers' operations in focus and see the needs from a larger perspective. With IT as a starting point, we help our customers to streamline their entire operations.

Looking towards the future, Cube Corner aims to become the market leader in sustainable logistics. Transport is one of the biggest environmental culprits and together with our customers we want to contribute to a positive environmental development with the help of systems that are good for both the environment and the wallet.

Logistics should be sustainable, right?