Replace pen and paper

with an affordable, digital picking solution

Schipt Pick is a digital pick list that can be connected to Schipt TA or Schipt OPZ. It is a flexible solution for companies that are tired of picking with pen and paper, and want to digitize their business, but do not feel ready to invest in a WMS system. The goods handling is moved from the business system to Schipt, and saves time for your warehouse staff, who quickly and easily can perform the pick directly on a tablet. With Schipt Pick, it is possible to distribute the picking assignments among the staff and change pickers on a specific assignment. Of course, there is also the possibility of reporting back to the business system. 

  • Streamlining

    Save time by digitizing your pick. Your warehouse staff gets access to all picking tasks, directly in the tablet, and the tasks are reported back to the business system so that you always have up-to-date information.

  • Priceworthy

    Schipt Pick is the perfect solution for companies that want to digitize, but don't feel ready to invest in a full WMS system. Not only is it an incredibly affordable solution, but the system also lowers your administrative costs by making your picking more efficient.

  • Personal support

    We are there for your business. Call or email us and get personal support from knowledgeable staff who quickly deal with your problems, questions and concerns.

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