Logistics should be , right?

We are system developers and consultants with our own system suite – Schipt.

Schipt is a logistics system, developed by the company Cube Corner AB. From delivery and warehouse management to transport optimization and invoice reconciliation. Schipt is the complete solution for the entire logistical flow. Use all modules for maximum synergy or choose the modules that suit your business. By using smarter logistics systems, you can carry out your tasks more efficiently and save both time, money and the environment.

Schipt TA

  • Fixed price
  • Integrations
  • Customizable
  • Personal support

Schipt OPZ

  • Reduced emissions and costs
  • Improved work environment
  • Optimization of the entire chain
  • Personal support

Schipt WMS

Warehouse Management System
  • Simple
  • Priceworthy
  • Customizable
  • Personal support

Schipt is built according to our fundamental belief that IT systems should be developed to fit the business. Therefore, we dare to claim that Schipt is the most adaptive logistics system on the market, fully adaptable to each customer's unique needs.


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