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with sustainable transports and automized tranport planning

Of all systems in the Schipt portfolio Schipt Optimizer has the shortest return on investment. The system is used to optimize and streamline your transports, throughout the entire logistical process. It lowers your administrative costs through automation, reduces load areas through load optimization and decreases your transport costs by an interaction of functions, e.g. by choosing the right carrier for each shipment. In addition, it reduces your environmental impact through optimally packaged shipments and smart transport choices. A dream for your wallet, your staff and above all for the environment.


The EU's environmental goals mean 70% reduced emissions from domestic transport by 2030. In addition, the EU's sustainability goals declare that economic sustainability must also be met. Here you can win on two fronts! With cheaper transport and reduced emissions, you contribute to achieving Sweden's environmental and sustainability goals.

Like tetris

Schipt OPZ includes both Schipt TA, Schipt Contract and Box Calculation, making it a fantastic investment for any business. The system can be compared to the classic computer game Tetris. Schipt OPZ calculates the most efficient way to pack each order to minimize the amount of air in the packaging. It also calculates how the goods should be loaded onto the truck in order to use every square meter as efficiently as possible, for every available carrier and vehicle type. The process can be fully automated, incl. booking, which minimizes error frequency and administration. 

  • Reduced emissions and costs

    Schipt OPZ uses e.g. consolidation, pack and load optimization and smart transport choises, to reduce your emissions and lower your costs. Schipt OPZ optimizes and automates your entire logical flow, which which results in major cost savings while making everyday life easier for your staff.

  • Improved work environment

    Working with transport planning is often very stressful and demanding, as there are a huge number of factors to take into account. Schipt OPZ improves the work environment for your staff by automating transport planning, so they can focus on your business. By optimizing the entire logistical flow, it gives your staff a clear plan and better conditions for reacting to deviations that arise.

  • Optimization of the entire chain

    Logistics is a complex flow that extends throughout the entire business, making it difficult, if not impossible, for your stadd to make optimal choises at each step. Schipt OPZ is built for this purpose. It creates consistent improvements, reduces error rates and enables you to establish solid, high-quality routines towards your market.

  • Personal support

    We are there for your business. Call or email us and get personal support from knowledgeable staff who quickly deal with your problems, questions and concerns.

Detta får du med Schipt OPZ

We offer two different pricing models for Schipt OPZ.

The most affordable is our licensing model. With the license model, you pay a one-time cost for the license and then a low annual cost for maintenance and number of users. Very reasonably priced compared to our competitors!

If you prefer to spread the costs, we also offer the possibility to rent the system. Then you only pay a running monthly cost and avoid the initial investment.

Contact us for more information about our prices.

Schipt OPZ includes Schipt TA, the most adaptable TA-system on the market.

Would you prefer to use a different TA-system, that can be arranged through integration.

Deciphering shipping agreements is anything but easy. Which is why most companies choose a carrier based on experience. But how sure are you that the chosen carrier is the cheapest for that particular goods, on that particular route and with that particular combination of additional services?

Schipt OPZ uses your shipping agreements to determine which of your carriers can ship the goods for the best price. This makes it possible for you to sign agreements with more carriers, without complicating the work for your staff.

Of course you can still choose a carrier manually, if you would prefer.

You can also use Schipt OPZ to put pressure on your carriers during contract negotiations. The system automatically selects the best price, so if the carrier does not offer good enough prices, they will not receive any freight.

Do you send several orders to the same customer on the same car? Schipt OPZ automatically combines shipments to the same delivery address. This results in major savings in shipping costs, as it is cheaper to book one large shipment than several small ones.

Give your customers an estimated delivery date, without having to pay for a fixed day delivery. By importing the carriers' lead time matrices, you get access to information about the estimated delivery date directly in Schipt.

Schipt OPZ helps you with complaints about your freight, e.g. delays, transport damage or other. You can also attach photos and other documents to the claim.

When the claim is registered, Schipt generates an email which is sent directly to the carrier. There are plenty of fields for correspondence notes, cause grouping and status fields. You also specify the amount you demand for the claim and can follow up that the money has been received.

Schipt comes with a powerful integration engine that simplifies the connection to your other systems. We support most of our competitors' integration files, which means that you can reuse your current integration.

Cost-effective and flexible!

With Schipt OPZ, you as a customer get an unlimited number of integration users. You also get 10 administrative users who can add new carriers, administer freight contracts and do other administrative work in the system.

Many companies spend an unnecessary amount of time administering their shipping contracts and calculating shipping costs for the correct choice of delivery and invoicing to the customer. The wrong choice of carrier can lead to unnecessarily high shipping costs. Schipt Contract simplifies this work, by collecting all freight contracts in one place and enabling digital administration and automatic freight calculation.

Schipt Contract is included when you buy Schipt OPZ and forms the basis for the transport selection and price calculation in the system.

Schipt OPZ not only looks at which carrier is best suited to ship the goods according to your wishes, but also whether it is possible to optimize the shipping through other transport choices. 

The system also keeps track of limit values and automatically makes a new transport choice if the shipment exceeds a certain maximum value.

By waiting with the final transport booking, you can ensure that the right choice is made, regarding both environment and cost. 

Schipt OPZ handles address consolidation, product selection, simulation, breakpoint calculations and much more, as standard. Each change in the delivery mode rebuilds the simulation to optimize the entire order backlog and not just the individual order.

Lightning fast and with cost savings as a result.

Schipt OPZ goes the extra mile and monitors all bookings to ensure they are confirmed. Schipt reminds the carrier if there is no response and finally alerts your shipping department if the booking is not confirmed. This is regardless of whether the booking was sent by EDI, API or email.

Let Schipt handle the monitoring and remove one of your staff's biggest stress factors.

There are no rules without exceptions. Schipt OPZ includes support for deviation management at both product and customer level. This makes it easy for you to bypass the system's automations and rules if necessary.

Schipt is installed locally on a server in your internal network. This is what enables the great flexibility of Schipt. Your Schipt installation will be completely unique and can be adapted to your business, regardless of other Schipt customers.

Contact us for questions about the technical requirements for Schipt.

After Schipt is installed, users can access the system directly through the browser, provided they are connected to your internal network. We recommend Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for best performance, but you can also run Schipt in other browsers.

Box Calculation is tetris for your deliveries. The system calculates the most efficient way to pack each order to minimize the amount of air in the packaging. It also calculates how the goods should be loaded onto the truck in order to use every square meter as efficiently as possible.

By using Box Calculation, you can reduce your shipping costs by up to 30%. Optimized packing and loading is not only good for the wallet, but also for the environment!

Box Calculation is included when you purchase Schipt OPZ.

Do any of your carriers have problems with e.g. delays or transport damage? Or do you want to give carriers with e.g. environmentally friendly transport an advantage? With Schipt OPZ, you can ABC-classify your carriers. The system takes your classification into account when choosing carrier. It's up to you to decide which criteria to use for the classification.

Schipt OPZ not only makes work easier for you, but also your carriers. The system sends a pre-booking to the carrier with information about the upcoming shipment. Thereby, the transporter can start planning their routes ahead of time. When the order is ready for shipment, a final booking is sent.

Give your employees the right conditions to have the goods ready in time for delivery. Schipt's slot management keeps track of when each truck will arrive and helps you prepare the right goods at the right time. Planning between picking, unloading and shipping is a very good investment.

Schipt OPZ comes with a simple invoice matching for your shipping invoices. Search for all shipments to which the invoice refers and punch in the invoice information. Color markings in the system indicate which fields must be filled in for the different carriers. The system then marks in red the fields that deviate from the tolerance levels you entered.

A single push of a button creates an email to your carrier requesting credit, and the request is monitored against completed credits.

For full invoice matching, see Schipt Invoice Control.

Add ons

Schipt Pick is a flexible solution for companies that are tired of paper pick lists, and want to digitize their business, but do not feel ready to invest in a WMS system.

The goods handling is moved from the ERP system to Schipt, and saves time for your warehouse staff, who can quickly and easily manage the pick directly on a tablet. Schipt can then report the result back to the ERP system. 

Do you have your own or rented trucks that regularly deliver goods via a fixed route? Use Schipt's route planner to define delivery locations along the route. The system automatically plans incoming orders towards the correct route, calculates shipping costs and reconciles.

Do you, like most other companies, have better invoice reconciliation for your office supplies than your transports? With Schipt Invoice Control you finally gain control over one of the company's largest expense items. The system performs automatic reconciliation, not only against the carrier contract, but also against the actual shipment, to identify deviations. Discrepancies are easily handled via the system, which creates a claim invoice remarks against the transport company.

We also have a proud collaboration with Libello AB, who offers invoice controls as a service at different levels. With their help, you can get all your shipping invoices checked without you having to lift a finger.

Activate Schipt's Track & Trace portal to gain full control of the location of your shipments. The portal can be made available for your customer service desk or even your customers.

Do you have your own or rented trucks and need help planning your routes?

Choose which orders are to be delivered and upload them to the optimization system to generate a schedule for the driver including planned breaks, preliminary unloading times, maps, etc. The result is reported back to Schipt OPZ with route and unloading sequence. It is also a perfect basis for MPS and WMS systems to ensure that the goods are produced and loaded in the right order.

Get an overview of your entire logistics flow in an instant.

When you log in to Schipt OPZ, you are greeted by a dashboard with KPIs around your transports. To make your business as efficient as possible, the dashboard is completely tailored to your needs.

Do you have questions about any of our systems or services?

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