Within logistics we offer the following services

  • Assistant (consultation) regarding our systems
  • Consultation regarding transport administration and customs management
  • Operational improvements in logistics and production technology in collaboration
  • Operational improvements regarding automation of processes (connections between systems and connections to machines)
  • Customer customization and customer-specific system development regarding our systems
  • Installations and DBA assistance
  • Calculation/set up of infrastructure at major installations
  • Support

Schipt AB conducts project-oriented installations often in cooperation with both external business systems, machines and alternative systems to our own applications. We naturally advocate our own, but we often make sure to build integration components with existing WMS, MPS, TMS and TA systems for more “political” reasons like investment or taste of brands etc. We see no obstacles in this and it will as usual be well done projects. In addition, we are also conducting more traditional logistics consulting consultations to help our customers streamline their production and delivery. This includes more of strategies than any running system. General consultancy around external transport, customs and dangerous goods handling as well as procurement, application of freight rates and invoice control are also common.

Our system developers and designers are also ready to tailor your Schipt system so that your business is as a cutting edge in relation to your competitors. That’s where we are, and that’s where we want to take your business!

Schipt looks at the whole logistical need and not just a part. It is our biggest strength in relation to our competitors.

Your investment in products and services from Schipt will always be a profitable business for you. It´s our motto and nobody has gone unhappy from a deal with us.

Zero invoice remarks since 2006 speaks a clear language.


How the project is to be designed and how comprehensive it will be in detail is always figured out with the customer so that it fits the customer’s organization and becomes as extensive as the customer wishes.

Smaller installations require little and sometimes no project, while larger or complex solutions often require more.

Project phases we execute when required, according to agreed scope

  • Analysis
  • Pilot study
  • Specification
  • Proof of Concept
  • Project Directive (Steering Group’s Objectives and Restrictions)
  • Schedule (Collaborative resources customer / supplier)
  • Milestones, reconciliation meetings, steering group
  • Follow-up economy and schedule
  • Installation / set up
  • Basic data
  • Integrations
  • Preparation of test data and specification of test procedures
  • Carry out test procedures and different test phases in collaboration with the customer
  • Education at different levels
  • Commissioning Assistance
  • Operational Delivery / approval
  • Follow-up

Schipt’s staff have great habits of working in project form, often in collaboration with several actors. As our systems often become a key part of a solution, we often get the confidence to lead projects under a steering group to all involved actors (this applies to slightly larger installations).

Don’t be afraid

We never do a bigger project than what you require. Some organizations want to run more directly without a lot of project meetings, follow-up and tests while others want to test everything. It is a balance between how complicated it is and what risk you are willing to take.

Schipt always sets the minimum requirement for the project to ensure its delivery. However, if you want more tests, education or something like that, it is common and completely in order.