Schipts logistics solutions

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Schipt currently supplies the following systems:

Main systems:

  • Schipt TMS – plans the order backlog and optimizes for the smallest possible cost both for the internal logistics but also for the shipping to the customer
  • CC MPS – Production planning system that is provided with information from TMS so that production can be optimized also with regard to shipping and delivery times
  • Schipt WMS – Pick and pack system that is provided with information from TMS so that picking and packing can be optimized with regard to departures and production supply
  • Schipt TA – Administrative system for transport and electronic communication with transporters and authorities

Support systems:

  • Schipt Contract – Administrative system for administering freight agreements and lead times, which in turn is used by Schipt TMS / TA or external systems for calculating freight costs
  • Libello Invoice Control – Administrative system for electronic invoice matching of transport invoices

All Schipts subsystems are connected via the Schipt Framework and function as a common system that shares all data as far as possible. Thus, all subsystems function as a unit that keeps track of each other, which is a great advantage not least in terms of integrations. However, each subsystem can be replaced by external systems, i.e. if you already have equivalent functionality in the external system. In these cases, one or more integrations with Schipt and any changes in external systems are required if you want to achieve similar functionality overall.

Schipts logistics solutions