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Schipt Contract

Digitize shipping agreements

Manage your shipping agreements digitally with tariff calculation. Schipt Contract is an application where you import your shipping agreements digitally from Excel (supplied by the carrier) and is then used by Schipt TMS, Schipt TA and Contract Query to calculate the price. One cost for an unlimited number of agreements. Being able to administer the agreements by yourself is the idea, but we also sell it as a service.


Administrative module

For manual adjustment of shipping agreements, tariffs etc.

Import (agreement)

A sensible and smart way to import freight matrices from Excel, which is the form that carriers often send their matrices in.

Fuel surcharge connector

Fuel surcharge is constantly changing. Schipt AB supervises and delivers current fuel surcharge for listed transport companies that the system downloads and makes sure that you don’t have to think about it.

Contract Query

A standalone web-based tool for price queries that you can connect to your ERP system or web shop which returns prices, etc. so you automatically can load them into your system. Schipt TA and Schipt TMS have Contract Query embedded in their applications.

Use in quotation / order mode and give your customer the right price directly for the selected carrier, product and service, or “best price” proposition listing all your options.