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Schipt Invoice Control

Digital Invoice Matching

Systematic electronic matching of supplier invoices at retail level from transport companies. Sold and marketed by Libello AB. Built by Cube Corner AB on the platform Dynweb (same as Schipt TMS runs on). Integrated with Schipt TMS.

Edge technology

The market’s most powerful tool for electronic invoice control from carriers. Benchmarking shows that we are very far ahead compared to the competitors.


Can be run in several levels from simple to really advanced, which big 3PL providers require.


Can run in the cloud (easier) and locally installed for maximum performance with huge possibilities for customization and integration.

Connected to Schipt of course

Both the cloud solution and the locally installed version work against Schipt TMS with control and reconciliation / billing, accounting, requirements and requirement monitoring.

Invoice Control as a service

Libello AB offers the control itself as a service, so that you don’t have to lift a finger to get all your shipping invoices checked.