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General about Schipt

The license for Dynweb is included as a part of the license you purchase for your Schipt application.

For the applications you activate following is always included in Dynweb

  • Print manager CC Print
  • The integration platform CC IE “Integration Engine”
  • Document management (connecting external documents such as images, word documents, pdf files etc to your transactions in the system).

Dynweb Runtime

Runtime means that you can run the applications that are delivered, but you can not create new or change anything in either design or code, it is reserved to someone who has a valid design and development license, which we have at Schipt. So we can change and design the most.

Cube Corner AB sells both design and development licenses at different levels and with different requirements for necessary training. There is no other barrier to obtaining such licenses for your Schipt installation. With Dynweb you can also easily build new stand-alone or connected applications. All this is regulated by Cube Corners license model for Dynweb.

If you choose to design and develop yourself, that’s something we advocate. However, we at Schipt have a requirement that you follow our requirements for what you can and cannot do with regard to the integrity of the source code and also use common sense.

However, keep in mind that the consequences of what you do always is your responsibility and not Schipt AB’s responsibility. We can consult with tips and advice and help when something goes wrong. But this type of assistance is not included in any maintenance or support agreements.

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Schipt Framework

Schipt is built around a framework where all applications can either be run separately or connected. This without having to set up anything more than one parameter for the application to run inside or outside the framework.

Briefly it means that you don’t need any additional integrations to connect different Schipt applications. It is already done! If you just for example just want to run Schipt TA, it’s easy to connect to both ERP external WMS systems.

You never need to replace a system you want to keep just because you want to run a Schipt application.

Visual description

Platform and framework where Schipt, the complete integration with CC MPS, is included, that Cube Corner has more applications and that you can build your own. In addition, there are ready-made connections to many systems as well as a general integration standard for Schipt connections if you want to connect new systems.