About Schipt

Our business idea is to offer IT systems for logistics that are better, more flexible and efficient.

This at market low prices and thus take larger market shares and establish ourselves as one of the leading players in the market.

After 20 years of building logistics solutions, it was time to package the main owner Cube Corners logistic solutions under a common name and platform. In 2016, Schipt AB was formed as a marketing and consulting company to sell and install these software’s, developed in Sweden.


When you buy your first Schipt application, the platform Dynweb is always delivered from Cube Corner AB, which is the platform Schipt runs on.

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Schipt and the environment

Optimizing transport, whether it’s in the warehouse, truck, boat, train or airplane, not only saves time and money. It saves energy, which in its turn saves the environment. Of course, the biggest environmental effect you get by filling the cargo spaces from floor to ceiling, if available, reducing the number of shipments. However, Schipt has far more far-reaching plans for how to contribute to positive environmental development, but it is the next development step for Schipt.

Our focus is not on future technology, purification and things like that but on what to do with the technology that companies use today and make it as environmentally friendly as possible until new technology comes. As soon as new technology comes, Schipt is ready to make the best of it as well!

We at Schipt takes the environment seriously because traffic is one of the things that effects the environment the most, and we build tools to optimize and streamline shipping.


Schipt improved environment for future generations