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Schipt TMS

Plan, book and optimize your shipping’s

When it comes to business knowledge, transportation is something we’ve been working on for over 20 years. Over the years, we have tailor-made solutions for our customers to optimize shipping costs. Now we have developed a standardized TMS system for small and medium-sized companies. Something only big companies has had the opportunity to invest in earlier.

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Basic solution package

Freight configurator

Freight Configurator is an administrative interface where you set conditions for all combinations of transporters, products and services and is then used to optimize your freight and make a computed selection instead of making a selection out of old habit. Breakpoint calculations between products, rules for which services you can use, exceptions for certain items, minimum and maximum on weight, volume and loading meter, maximum length, and more. This is where you set rules that are specific to your products in relation to your agreements with the shipping companies.

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Schipt Contract

Schipt Contract is a complete agreement system where you register your shipping agreements, matrices etc. These are imported via Excel Matrices you get from your carrier on request.

Fuel surcharge on selected forwarders can be manually operated or linked via Schipt’s central distribution.

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Schipt Contract Query

A standalone user interface with price request from Schipt Contract. This can be integrated directly with your ERP in order to give the order manager a tool to give the customer a cost proposal on the freight or why not directly in your web shop.

Ask for specific agreement, product and service or best price from your agreements in Schipt Contract.

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Consolidation of addresses, product selection, add-on transmission, simulation, breakpoint calculations, etc. is standard. Each change in the delivery mode restores the simulation to optimize the entire order backlog and not just the individual order.

As swift as lightning and with savings in costs as a result.

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The process that in the background interconnects the Shipping Configurator above with Schipt Contract completely automatic for you and regardless of who pays the shipping. Keep in mind that it’s just as important for your customer relationship that you choose the right one for recipient shipments that your customer pays. Freight calculation is also done if you have a linked tariff tool such as Schipt Contract where you enter all your shipping agreements. “Best price” applies where you want it to. If you have chosen an express service with a specific carrier, we will not automatically change your choices. We only switch the orders you want the system to give you the best value on.

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Invoice Matching (Simple)

Here you will find a list of shipments that correspond to the invoice you have in your hand. The list is linked to an invoice number and then you manually put in the invoice information. Coloured markers in the fields indicate which fields must be filled in for the particular carrier with which the invoice is linked. You will immediately receive red marking on the fields that deviate from the tolerance levels you have set up. Then a simple push on a button creates a nice email to your carrier with credit request.

The list of reclaimed shipments can then be monitored against accomplished credits. Here we can also create a file for your ERP that you can read as a supplier invoice with accounting proposals.

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Reclaim handling

Here you register your reasons for reclaim on your freight. This may be delayed shipping to warranty services, transport damage and other. You can link photos and other documents to the case.

Once you have created the reclaim, you send it by email, as the system has made a nice design, to your carrier describing the complaint. There are plenty of fields for notes around correspondence, grouping of reasons and status fields. You also specify the amount you require for the reclaim and you can do a follow up so that the money has been received.

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Lead time management

The system has full support for importing carrier timetables by file. These are different depending on where in the country your company is located, therefore the system is not “loaded” with lead time matrices. There are general lead times per service and country but sometimes your customers don’t want to book a date, but they still want to have a good estimation of the day of arrival. Then lead time matrices are a really good tool. The system manages down to individual zip codes in any country, but most common are groups of zip codes to reduce the number of registry entries.

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Slot time management

Should your goods be prepared in any way between picking and transport, such as customs clearance? Do the picker need to know the deadline so they pick against the cars that go first? It may be useful to inform the carrier of the agreement regarding pick-up time. Do you want to book with slot time so the car is in place at 2 pm because it’s the only time you can load the car?

Planning between picking, loading and shipping is a very good investment.

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Transport booking

Schipt makes a little extra effort to monitor all bookings so that they are confirmed. Schipt reminds the carriers and finally the person responsible for shipping is alerted if the booking is not confirmed. This, regardless of whether the booking was sent by EDI, email or web service.

It’s now the end of the shipping department’s biggest stress moment. Let Schipt monitor. Perhaps the best investment you’ve given your staff in a long time!

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KPI (statistics)

All data is stored so that you easily can search and export to Excel before purchases or create nice reports to the managers. We have built some search programs for you which are included, but we can easily build many more if the need exists.

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Add-ons which can be purchased

Schipt TA

Cheapest TA system on the market? Definitely if you have five or more carriers and / or many shipments.

The cost is fixed and includes all listed carriers, unlimited in number of shipments and 10 users which will take you far. You can create an unlimited number of your own carriers.

Booking of transport, waybill, CMR, shipping labels and a really smart bulk split / hub handling are included. Except from our own integration file, several integrations from other TA systems can be used directly.

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Invoice matching

The market’s most advanced and complete digital system for electronic invoice matching.

Request electronic billing or invoice from your carrier and load them into the system, then an automatic match will be made against the tolerance levels both against the agreement and what’s on your waybill. A list of discrepancies all the way down to the smallest detail, reclaim message to carrier, credit monitoring, etc. according to the same model as the simple one included! Connected and ready to use for Schipts TMS / TA.

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Route planning (fixed routes)

Define your delivery locations against a route and the system will automatically schedule it to the route, calculate the shipping and then quote it. Unless you run our Self-billing system against the carrier.

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Route optimization (dynamic routes)

Choose which orders you want to optimize. Upload them in the optimization system, start optimization and get driving schedules with scheduled breaks, preliminary unloading times, map, etc. and download the result that updates TMS with route and unloading sequence. Perfect information to supply WMS and MPS systems with to be able to produce in load order or set up the goods accordingly.

If you drive your own or rented trucks and have unique delivery addresses, this is perfect.

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Provides documentation and activates integration with self-billing ERP systems.

Works against all carriers listed in our system but requires an agreement between you and the carrier.

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On screen monitoring (through large displays)

We deliver an HDMI stick preprogramed for a screen (which you buy and mount). The stick must be within reach of your Wi-Fi network.

The featured webpage is delivered with our standard of transport departures, slot times and picking status, but can easily be adjusted to your needs and present what you want it to. Why not production information, visitors, weekly lunch menu or bus times?

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Extended Track & Trace

Your customer and your sales representatives need a complete picture of the delivery without having to look through loads of information. This is a web page that collects data from Schipt as well as the carrier and provides a summary of the delivery.

Equally useful internally as for your customer. In addition to the link to the shipment at the carrier, waybill information etc is included by default. Can easily be expanded with more information such as links to important documents and other items related to articles, orders and agreements.

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Floor-planning (warehouse control on picked goods)

Also called shipyard planning.

When the goods are picked and waiting for delivery, it is common that it is out of all systems and it is then up to the warehouse staff to keep an eye on where they placed the goods. Floor planning is a graphical tool where you define zones with measurements of the zone (rectangles) and place picked, unregistered goods in a zone.

When the truck arrives, it is shown exactly which cargo to load, which can be presented graphically on a screen.

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Box calculation (optimization of packaging)

For many years, we have been working on optimizing packing of goods on load carriers and have in some cases managed to reduce shipping costs by up to 30% by simply packing the goods better. This is often associated with volume goods. There is a lot of code in the bottom to optimize, but raw data is required regarding measurements of articles and conditions for how the packaging can be constructed. As a rule, this part must always be customized for your products and packaging. We almost always have to do a study before we engage in such projects. But after that the possibility of saving large numbers exists!

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