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Schipt TA

Transport booking and documents

Schipt TA is easy to use and cost-efficient to run. Our TA-system manages bookings and printing of transport documents. The system supports a lot of carriers which is included from start, many users and unlimited transactions at a fixed price and runs in your IT environment directly in the browser. It is easy to connect to your ERP system or WMS. Guaranteed the easiest system to customize on the market.

Functions & add-ons


Linked carriers

The largest transport companies in Sweden such as Schenker, DHL, DSV, PostNord and Bring are already ready. The system is continuously being expanded with additional services provided free of charge.

Many competitors charge per activated shipping company, not Schipt!

Complete list of all carriers

Free number of transactions

Many competitors charge for different levels of transaction volumes. Not Schipt!

10 users

With 10 users, we refer to administrative users and not WMS users or users who use Schipt TA features, they are free.

Many competitors pay by active users, whether or not they are administrators. Not Schipt!

Template for own carriers

If the carrier you are using is not included in our list, you can always create it yourself using the Schipt FWD Template. A basic range of services and documents can be used and customized and you can post an unlimited amount. Used width local hauliers, foreign companies and companies without the requirement of carrier-unique documents and EDI.


  • SIS Waybill
  • CMR Waybill
  • Transport label
  • Address label (letter)

Customized documents

Purchase the service from Schipt AB, any retailer or invest in the Print Design module from Cube Corner + education and do it yourself!


In addition to our own integration specification, we integrate competition integration files. This means that you do not need a new connection if the one you already have meet our information requirements.

Cost-effective and smart to use things already available!

Naturally connected to Schipt TMS and Schipt WMS from the start.